It´s Spring And The Weather Is Great So Let´s Close All Object Matters

The installation was originally commissioned by Serpentine Gallery and proposed by the Artist for the Speaker’s Corner in London - a place commonly associated with the idea of free speech. The location has a very complex history as a former execution site that started as early as in the XII century with the Tyburn Hanging Tree. The freedom to talk to the public is drawn here from the last public address of the felons on the gallows, who were often critics of the ruling governments. In a way both uses of space insist on elevation in order to make something public. The project was meant for my previous work with the Serpentine called Chicago Boys While We Were Singing They Were Dreaming to play at the Speakers Corner as a 70´s music revival band and a group discussion based around the Neoliberal economy. The band’s musicians were expected to play with the use of self-made ladders but then the idea did not come at fruition. Finally, the installation, under the title: It´s Spring And The Weather Is Great So Let´s Close All Object Matters was made for a group exhibition. The title of the work is adopted from Suad Husni´s 70´s song written by Salah Jahin. He actually wrote It´s Spring And The Weather Is Great So Let´s Close All Subject Matters. For the purpose of this installation the word Subject has been changed to Object. Salah Jahin was highly critical when Sadat came to power in Egypt as he turned his back to the East and opened the door to American policy in the region. It was Sadat who introduced major changes that eventually led to The Liberal Economic Polices (Al Enftah Al Eqtsadi) in Egypt. Jahin relates to this policy with fierce irony. The materialization of this installation in relation to something based on process and performance like the Chicago Boys (a project presented at Alternativa in 2010) embraces the very complicated nature of object / subject conflict. The collective construction process that has never been completed brings to the work part of the tension of the Chicago Boys, the project that among other issues finds itself in the middle of the fading myth of the singular expert, such as the individual musician.