2008 - continuing


  Estrangement is a formless collaborative project with curator Aneta Szylak that travels and adapts itself to local conditions, although it does not necessarily translate differences. Estrangement works with various elements that do not seem to be connected, places them under observation and sometimes sets them to work. The highly problematic nature of collaboration and artistic partnership encourages a quest for the potential existing in silence, in what is missing, in rupture, in waiting, in gaps and in absence.  


At the very core of Estrangement there is the question of the circulation of cultural forms. The idea of considering the notion in this way arises at the intersection of the poetics of Shklovsky – a representative of Russian formalism – and the Arabic term taqseem, which means both musical improvisation and geometrical division. Found forms and ‘everydayness’ are points of entry into the way the project takes shape and disintegrates. 


     Estrangement started and continues to be a form of workshops for artists in Iraqi Kurdistan and was also presented in exhibition format in Spring 2010 in The Showroom, London, as well as shown on a larger scale as part of the Alternativa Festival at the Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk during the Summer 2011. 


     Written with  Aneta Szylak