The first of four shows of the exhibition cycle Form and Meaning, this exhibition brings together a selection of projects of the artist and musician from Iraqi Kurdistan Hiwa K, in his first exhibition in Spain.

During the 1980s, Hiwa K began his practice through painting, after an informal training along with other intellectuals, musicians, playwrights and artists in Iraq. Resident in Germany with political refugee status, in 1998 abandoned painting and began to play the Spanish guitar after studying with flamenco guitarists such as Paco Peña and Paco Serrano.

His interests revolve around the circulation of culture, the different contacts between migrant and local elements, the professionalization of artistic practice and the myth of the individual artist. Thus, many of his works are the result of collaborations and have to do with the process of teaching and learning as a daily practice, rather than the pursuit of knowledge as a formal discipline. He has participated in international events such as Manifesta 7 in Italy.

Laboratorio 987's exhibition presents two new productions: For a Few Socks of Marbles, the installation that gives the show its title, and With Jim, Once Upon a Time in The West*, a musical performance based on Sergio Leon's western Once Upon a Time in the West, with music by Ennio Morricone. The filming of this performance piece will be subsequently shown in the Laboratorio.

* Sunday 29 January at 13:00 pm, at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música José Castro Ovejero, León, Spain.
Free entrance until full capacity is reached. Duration 10 minutes approximately.

Artist: Hiwa K
Title: For a Few Socks of Marbles
Exhibition cycle: Form and Meaning
Date: From January 28th, to June 10th, 2012
Curator: Leire Vergara

Video made by: Betwen Ali
Coordination: Cynthia González García
In collaboration with:
Conservatorio Profesional de Música José Castro Ovejero, León