Photo 200 x 135 cm,2008

An improvised photo born from a spontaneous reaction to a natural and un-choreographed confluence in a London street market.  This immediacy foregrounds the act of jumping into certain situations without a scenario in an attempt to transgress the visual criteria of spectacle in image-loaded environment. To improvise under the pressure of rapid encounter seems to be a form of sending one’s own body to do something that is not planned and at the same time staying in one place in observance of this momentum. This documented situation extends and emphasises this environment. It does so by over-producing certain kinds of posing manifested in nearly every object in the market including posters, ads, banners, T-shirts and brands, insiduous visual messages which put us into a subtle trance. It underlines the forms which pass by without catching dramatic attention. In this case, the situation is framed by the reaction of an audience through the act that magnifies the attitude of the spectacle giving it a rougher visual friction.